Miron Crosby Welcomes Leatherology to Aspen

Miron Crosby co-founders and sister duo Lizzie Means Duplantis and Sarah Means welcomed Leatherology to an intimate dinner on Wednesday, August 2nd to celebrate the launch of our new fall collection.


As guests arrived at the restaurant nestled in the heart of Aspen on historic Hyman Avenue, they were escorted to a personalization experience where they could preview Leatherology’s newest collection, the Katy Saddle Collection. This collection represents Leatherology’s modern, sophisticated twist on the classic saddle bag and is perfect for the shopper who wants something effortlessly elegant and timeless. In addition to the Katy Saddle Collection, guests learned what makes Leatherology so unique in the market: personalization. With personalization at the forefront of Leatherology’s brand essence, each guest participated in the process, walking away with their own personalized Katy Saddle bag.  


During the cocktail portion of the evening, guests enjoyed PARC Aspen Gin & Tonic, Agave Herbalist, and Son of a Peach. Guests took their seats at two long tables illuminated by lamps and flowers by Aspen Branch, with personalized Leatherology leather key chains serving as place cards.


Notable guests in attendance included Rachel Hansen, Michelle Dillard, Lauren Auffenberg Hill, Lauren Brown, Ellie Campion, Eugenia Cass, Ashleigh Goyer, Kathleen Hill, Jacklyn Jacobe, Katherine Levy, Maggie Moran, Catherine Nicholas, Katie Oudt, Aileen Shon, Erika Souki, Sari Tuschman, Brooke Casillas, Elizabeth Keating, Catherine Hill, Ashley Greene Geller, and Harper Seaton, along with other social swells.