Leather Crossbodies

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  1. Meadow Small Sling Bag
    Meadow Small Sling Bag
    + More Colors
    Black Onyx | Light Gold Hardware
  2. Meadow Double Zip Camera Bag
    Meadow Double Zip Camera Bag
    $210 $180
    + More Colors
    Dawn | Light Gold Hardware
  3. Meadow Large Satchel
    Meadow Large Satchel
    + More Colors
    Emerald | Light Gold Hardware
  4. Kress Mini Top Handle Bag
    Kress Mini Top Handle Bag
    + More Colors
    Black Onyx | Light Gold Hardware
  5. Small Willow Wallet on a Chain
    Small Willow Wallet on a Chain
    + More Colors
    Midnight Blue
  6. Olivia Zippered Crossbody Bag
    Olivia Zippered Crossbody Bag
    + More Colors
    Black Onyx | Light Gold Hardware
  7. Medium Willow Envelope Bag
    Medium Willow Envelope Bag
    + More Colors
    Tan | Light Gold Hardware
  8. Meadow Double Zip Camera Bag in Canvas
    Meadow Double Zip Camera Bag in Canvas
    Natural Canvas/Black | Light Gold Hardware
  9. Willow Envelope Crossbody in Canvas
    Willow Envelope Crossbody in Canvas
    Natural Canvas/Black
  10. Mini Willow Crossbody
    Mini Willow Crossbody
    + More Colors
    Tan | Light Gold Hardware
  11. Elizabeth Small Crossbody Bucket Bag
    Elizabeth Small Crossbody Bucket Bag
    + More Colors
    Black & Black Onyx | Light Gold Hardware
  12. Small Addison Crossbody
    Small Addison Crossbody
    $175 $125
    + More Colors
    Rose | Nickel Hardware
  13. Medium Addison Crossbody Bag
    Medium Addison Crossbody Bag
    + More Colors
    Camel | Light Gold Hardware
  14. Small Willow Envelope Crossbody
    Small Willow Envelope Crossbody
    + More Colors
    Cognac | Nickel Hardware
  15. Long Crossbody Phone Pocket
    Long Crossbody Phone Pocket
    + More Colors
    Navy Blue
Mix & Match with Leather Crossbody Bags

These leather crossbody bags keep you organized on the go and leave your hands free to take on the world (or your toddler). Our crossbody bags for women hold a lot in deceptively slim designs. Choose the trendy Elizabeth Small Crossbody Bucket Bag, where you can change its shape depending on the strap you use. Have even more mix and match fun when you switch out straps on our always popular Meadow, a leather crossbody camera bag with double zippered compartments and a rainbow of colors to compliment your #OOTD.

Benefits of a Crossbody Bag
#1 Versatility. Crossbodies have come of the long way. The versatility of this handbag style is evident in the number of silhouettes, sizes and straps available. A crossbody shoulder bag is a good choice to carry because it is still attractive as a traditional purse, but the strap helps distribute the weight of the bag across your body and allows you to be hands-free. So you can easily just throw it over your shoulder and go. Just like the little black dress, you can never go wrong with black crossbody bags for women because they works well with any outfit and occasion. If you carry a black bag you won't have to change your bag every single day to fit your look – it will always just work.

#2 Style. A fun benefit of crossbody bags is style. Our leather crossbody bags are available in a variety of shapes and sizes for a effortless way to level up your wardrobe. In terms of size, the best crossbody bags should be medium or small to keep a larger, more than likely heavier bag from overwhelming and weighing you down. You can't go wrong with our popular Meadow Collection or classy Willow Collection. The expandable Meadow Large Satchel or simple Medium Willow Envelope Bag can carry everything you need or downsize with petite mini crossbody bags like the Mini Willow Crossbody or Meadow Small Sling Bag.

#3 Timeless. Like everything we do a Leatherology, our leather crossbody bags are designed to be timeless. Several years ago, women's leather crossbody bags were trendy and like a lot of trends, people thought this style would pass. You know crossbody bags have been around for many years before they were popular. But during this time, the realization that sometimes you don't have to carry everything your whole life in your bag was highlighted. Instead, now you could just carry the essentials needed for your everyday life.

#4 Functionality. A crossbody bag is by definition designed to be worn on one side of the body with the strap looped over the opposite shoulder. That being said, you can wear it any way you like, including just throwing it over the shoulder. However, wearing it crossbody really is the most functional and practical way because the bag will stay close to you, easing the strain on your back, arms, or shoulders despite any weight, while allowing your hands to remain free during shopping or running errands. The best part of a hands-free crossbody is the non-slip aspect of the bag. Everyone who's ever carried a handbag or tote has had experienced that precarious moment where your arms are loaded and the strap of your bag begins the the slow slide down and off your shoulder while walking around. With a crossbody piece you have a sense of security in that even if your bag is heavy, you know it will stay put and it is also harder to steal.

#5 Customizable. Although the ease of carrying a crossbody bag is one of the main reasons a person would use one, many people love these types of bags because of the variety. For example, you can change up your look by mixing and matching straps. Crossbody bags with removable straps can become totally different bags with additional straps, like our Small Willow Wallet on a Chain includes a crossbody chain strap for an elevated look any time of the day. Our leather crossbody straps are different lengths and widths or even adjustable for just right bag drop. Our most popular adjustable strap is the Guitar Long Crossbody Strap iconically paired with our bestselling Meadow Double Zip Camera Bag. Straps give you the benefit of turning one bag into several.