Leather Money Clips

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  1. Money Clip Card Holder
    Money Clip Card Holder
    + More Colors
  2. Bifold with Money Clip
    Bifold with Money Clip
    + More Colors
    Cognac | Nickel Hardware
  3. Money Clip Card Case
    Money Clip Card Case
    + More Colors
    Black Onyx
  4. Magnetic Money Clip
    Magnetic Money Clip
    + More Colors
  5. Money Clip
    Money Clip
    + More Colors
Slim Pants + Sleek Money Clip = Suave Style

You deserve clean pant lines and more clear pockets. Cut the clutter with the minimalist style of our monogrammed leather money clips. Choose from our convenient money clip card holders, a neat leather magnetic money clip, or one of our simple and classic money clips for men. Find the personalized money clip wallet that matches your needs.

Reasons to Use a Money Clip
To keep it simple, money clips are small and take up less room in your pocket. If you are tired of carrying around a plastic card for everything or you make a lot of monetary transactions, then a money clip is for you. When spending money, money clips are great visual reminder, allowing you to see exactly how much cash is leaving your wallet.

Our leather money clips can hold up 10 folded banknotes or use it as a credit card clip. When the minmalist in you decides to slim down your pockets, a money clip and credit card holder can keep loose bills or cards together for a quick errand run or trip to the store.

If you are still not convinced or ready to convert to money clips alone, we offer money clip wallets as a hybrid solution. For some styles, we created a money clip card case with the clip on the back so you can carry both cards and cash easily. In other styles, the clip moves to the center interior to create a bifold wallet with money clip for extra carrying power. Leather money clip wallets are an ingeniously suave idea, keeping classic money clips useful while incorporating the new need for card slots.