Deboss Personalization

Our most popular monogramming technique. We hand press our deboss monogram into the leather using heated dies for a lasting look.

Debossed by Hand
Debossing was the first monogram technique we launched in our our Dallas, Texas studio. Our artisans do all our leather stamping by hand and use the best tools and materials available. Our process to monogram leather creates a deep deboss that lasts for years.
Deboss vs Emboss
What is debossing and what’s the difference between that and something that’s embossed? Our leather debossing method takes heated brass dies, then hand presses them down into the leather, creating a stamped effect. An embossed leather pushes a pattern or monogram up into the leather, creating a raised effect.
Deboss Fonts
Choose from a variety of beautiful fonts. From classic to bold, our fonts create an elegant leather monogram.
Inspired by Times New Roman, this elegant font stamps beautifully.
Sans Serif
Inspired by Helvetica, this minimalist and modern font is perfect for anyone.
Made to stand out, this bold outlined font makes a statement.
New: Block Deboss
Be bold with our Block Deboss. This graphic font takes our everyday accessories to the next level.
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Foil Colors
We have 4 colors to choose from: 22 karat gold, rose gold, silver, matte black, in addition to an uncolored blind. Aside from blind, which is a plain die pressing simply into the leather, each of these colors comes in a foil that is then pressed into the leather.
Deboss Sizes
There are four letter sizes, extra small through large. Select styles allow you to choose your own font size, while others have a pre-set size that we have chosen to best suit the product. Our new Block font comes in one size for a bold look.
Frequently Asked Questions
Debossed vs. embossed
What is debossed leather and how is it different than embossed leather? Embossed monogramming pushes your monogram up above the surface of the leather. Our debossed monograms do the opposite by pressing down into the leather, creating an impression that ages beautifully.
Complete Customization
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