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Founded in 2008, Leatherology is a collection of beautifully designed everyday leather essentials that are colorful, timeless and easy to personalize.

You will rarely see our logo on the front of the products, because the brand isn’t the focus of the story – you are.

We offer an extensive range of full-grain leather accessories for both men and women, and we set ourselves apart with our breadth of colors, assortment and personalization options. Our customers are encouraged to make the items their own, through monograms, logos, motifs…or even the occasional hashtag.

We bring delight by making thoughtful gift giving easy. Our goal is to help people celebrate, reward, recognize, thank and share memories that can be preserved with our products.

We always strive to create truly attainable luxury. That’s why we have sold exclusively online from the very start. We want to offer you the highest quality product at a truly attractive price.

At Leatherology, we are redefining simple everyday luxury.