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  1. Windsor Checkbook Wallet
    Windsor Checkbook Wallet
    + More Colors
    Cognac | Nickel Hardware
  2. Deluxe Checkbook Cover with Divider
    Deluxe Checkbook Cover with Divider
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  3. Windsor Flat Zip Wallet
    Windsor Flat Zip Wallet
    + More Colors
    Black Onyx | Nickel Hardware
Rediscover the Powerful Style of a Leather Checkbook Cover

Dump the flimsy, plastic cover from the bank and upgrade to a genuine leather checkbook cover. Our personalized checkbook covers can include pen loops, card slots, or even an extra pocket for a second checkbook or register. These handy checkbook holders make for convenient men's checkbook wallets. Add a bit of swanky style and sign your check with panache from a monogrammed checkbook cover.

5 Reasons to Use a Checkbook
No matter what, every payment solution has its pros and cons. For example, even your convenient debit and credit cards which dominate in the US and the online marketplace, come with a higher risk of identity theft and higher costs for merchants through processing fees. While it can seem that checks are going the way of fax machines and 8-tracks, checkbooks and their checkbook holders do have their benefits and are still around like vinyl record players and 90's fashion. Mostly importantly, for large monetary transactions like your rent or payment for the household services rendered, you are going to want to sign a check.

Reason #1: Credit and debit cards comes with hidden costs. Many small businesses won't accept cards. To process a credit card, the major card companies will charge a fee on top of the actual transaction. This processing fee can be expensive, sometimes more than the amount of the transaction itself, and not every business can afford this cost. An example would be buying chips or a few snacks at the dollar store. You may only pay $5 or less but the fee for using a card could be $2 or more; it's not a feasible profit margin. Of the 27 million small businesses in the U.S., Forbes reports that 55% of them do not accept credit cards. This is particular relevant to ""micro-merchants"" and freelancers like landscapers, pool cleaners, or perhaps a housekeeper. They just don't have the volume to justify payment processing costs.

Reason #2: Pay your bills. For some bills like rent for a landlord or utility bill, a check is the only way to make a payment. While it is true that many utilities and landlord offer online payment options, what if you don't have internet?

In 2018, the Pew Research Center reported that 11% of all adult Americans don't use the internet and 19% of all households making less than $30,000 don't use the internet. Paying your bills by check may be necessary and your only option when internet access is limited or nonexistent.

Reason #3: Easily pay individuals. Even though with the rise of Cash App, Venmo, and Paypal, there are plenty of ways to send money to a single person, an easy person-to-person payment can be done by without having to download and sign up for whichever app. Consider issue of what if your friend or whomever has Venmo but doesn't have Cash App like you? Who downloads and signs up for the other one's app to complete the transaction? Despite their convenience, there none of these payment app options dominate any of the others. A convenient and accessible way to privately pay a single individual is through personal checks because they don't need to download the app to receive the money.

Reason #4: Checks leave an actual paper trail. Every time you use a check, it automatically creates a paper trail because it is physical documentation and proof that payment was received. Checks are one of the best ways to prove that a lender, creditor, or government agency like IRS (which does accept check payments for your taxes) received payment. Especially if you use duplicate checks. Another reason you might need a checkbook cover is for duplicate checks. In this situation, there is a carbon copy of the check you wrote left behind after you tear out the original. The copy makes using a checkbook register, basically a log book to help you keep track of all the checks you write, easier to maintain and look back on if you are trying to file taxes (particularly when adding up money paid to recurring service workers and household employees).

Reason #5: You can post-date a payment. Yes, you can schedule payment through your cards online. However, when you need to turn over a payment immediately but are not ready for the payment to be withdrawn from your account, a check can be post-dated. Checks are like contracts. Ultimately stating that the person or entity the check is written out to is to be paid the specified amount on the date noted on the check. You also have the assurance of knowing the check cannot be cashed before a specific date and thereby giving you security or peace of mind about the balance of your account.