Introducing the Fall 2018 Collection Introducing the Fall 2018 Collection

Meet Our Leathers

Our Signature Leathers

Full grain leather in an array of hues.


This collection features leather in everyday hues and is an easy choice for those looking for something simple yet sophisticated. Textures in this collection vary depending on where in the hide your product was cut.


The Classico collection focuses on bold, striking colors, and is perfect for those who want to make a statement. Brightly colored and fun to wear, these leathers feature a pebbled texture.

Seasonal Leathers

We are constantly looking for new, exciting colors and leathers to add to our selection. From Greek botanicals, to exotic embossed animal prints, we are often inspired by our travels when we design our seasonal leathers. These collections are a joy to create and are launched at least twice a year in limited quantities.

We carefully hand-select each hide for our products. If we don’t like a specific hide’s coloring or natural markings, we won’t use it. This time-intensive process guarantees that we use only the best and most luxurious leathers available.

Our Premium Leathers

European leathers from the finest tanneries we could find.


The Rustico collection comes from Italy and is a distinctly rugged full grain leather. Produced in small batches, each hide is vegetable tanned using tannins derived from wood or other organic material, and aniline dyed to develop a transparent coloring that leaves the natural texture of the leather visible. This collection is sourced from bull shoulders and limited to hides as they naturally become available. Rustico has a heavy, shrunken grain, and hand glazed finish.


Berlin comes from a 5th generation German tannery with cutting edge sustainability and environmental certifications including a Gold Rating from The Leather Working Group (LWG). A full grain leather, Berlin features a firm texture that softens with use and is vegetable tanned and aniline dyed for superior texture and coloring. Only the best hides can be used for this treatment as it allows original markings on the skin to remain visible. Berlin hides feature a beautiful smooth finish.

RFID Blocking Technology

What is RFID?

Most credit cards, debit cards, and passports now have Radio Frequency Identification chips that allow your information to be read without a physical swipe.

Why use RFID blocking accessories?

Shield your credit cards or passport from being scanned unknowingly. We offer RFID blocking lining in a select group of wallets and travel accessories. These products, made with our Signature collection leathers, are lined with an electromagnetically opaque fabric to protect your documents and cards.

Limited Edition Leathers


Our structured Italian leathers include our Double Sided and Unlined collections. The Double-Sided collection has a coated leather that is lightweight and water resistant. Our Unlined collection has a coated exterior and a soft suede interior. Both collections have a structured body that softens over time.


A special occasion leather, our Sposa collection is a creamy white Italian leather that was launched for our Wedding shop. Leathers in our Sposa collection feature a subtle grain that monograms beautifully.


Launched for our Fall Road Show, these limited-edition leathers are hand-screened with special city-themed patterns. Produced in small quantities, each pattern is applied by hand onto pre-cut panels of our Classico and Sposa leathers for lasting quality.

We work with only the best tanneries around the globe. Each of our top-quality leathers are hand-selected for their rich color and beautiful texture.

Full Grain, Full Stop

Most of our products are made with full grain leather, a type of leather made by taking the hide in its purest form. Unlike other leather types, the surface of the hide is minimally treated to not remove or sand down imperfections. Surface marks or variations in leather grain can be seen as examples of the true character of the leather.

Brand New vs. Well Loved

Leather only gets better with age. With use, your leather will soften, stretch, and adapt to suit your lifestyle. It will also further develop its grain and color over time as it is used and exposed to the oils of your skin. This process is expected with any leather product and is considered a highlight of full grain leather.