Jewelry Organizers

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  1. Small Jewelry Organizer
    Small Jewelry Organizer
    + More Colors
    Lime | Nickel Hardware
  2. Medium Jewelry Organizer
    Medium Jewelry Organizer
    + More Colors
    Smoke | Light Gold Hardware
  3. Jewelry Organizer Set
    Jewelry Organizer Set
    + More Colors
    Navy Blue | Light Gold Hardware
  4. Large Jewelry Case
    Large Jewelry Case
    + More Colors
    Ivory | Light Gold Hardware
  5. Buckled Jewelry Roll
    Buckled Jewelry Roll
    + More Colors
    Black Onyx | Light Gold Hardware
  6. Small Jewelry Ring Box
    Small Jewelry Ring Box
    + More Colors
    Lime | Nickel Hardware
  7. Travel Watch Box
    Travel Watch Box
    + More Colors
    Navy Blue | Light Gold Hardware
  8. Watch & Bracelet Box
    Watch & Bracelet Box
    + More Colors
    Cognac | Nickel Hardware
  9. Zip Sunglass Case
    Zip Sunglass Case
    + More Colors
    Navy Blue | Nickel Hardware
  10. Square Valet Tray
    Square Valet Tray
    + More Colors
    Navy Blue | Nickel Hardware
  11. Rectangle Valet Tray
    Rectangle Valet Tray
    + More Colors
    Smoke | Light Gold Hardware
  12. Valet Tray Set
    Valet Tray Set
    + More Colors
    Black Onyx | Nickel Hardware
  13. For Her Gift Set
    For Her Gift Set
    + More Colors
    Navy Blue | Nickel Hardware
  14. Flat Drawstring Pouch
    Flat Drawstring Pouch
    + More Colors
    Black Onyx
  15. Round Drawstring Pouch
    Round Drawstring Pouch
    + More Colors
  16. Jewelry Insert Set
    Jewelry Insert Set
    Tan Microsuede
  17. Medium Jewelry Box
    Medium Jewelry Box
    + More Colors
    Black Croc | Light Gold Hardware
Leather Jewelry Cases for Home & Away

For your gems, bangles and bling. Keep them free of scratches and tangles with our leather jewelry cases. Let a leather jewelry box add little extra luxury to all your glitter and gold. Whether it is for a vanity countertop or traveling in your luggage, these luxury jewelry boxes come in a variety of sizes and can be adapted to fit your needs.

How to Choose a Jewelry Box
While these steps are numbered, they can be interchanged depending on your priorities. You may decide to prioritize space over quantity and type of jewelry. Or there may be some pieces you absolutely cannot travel without. The choice is yours.

Step 1: Decide how much jewelry you need. A light packer may only need one or two necklaces, a few studs, and ring to complete their outfit. While the overpacker aka someone who might wear multiple outfits in one day, might need many pieces to match the different looks of the day. The point is you choose how much jewelry to bring on your trip.

Step 2: Decide what kind of jewelry to bring. Some people are big on earrings, others like to layers on the necklaces. Still others choose accessories based on the types of outfits they bring on the trip. Lots of formal events? You might want to bring larger statement pieces to match. Going somewhere warm? Keep it light with slim and delicate jewelry. No matter where you are going try to only pack the jewelry you need for the outfits you are and don't be afraid to wear jewelry more than once.

Step 3: Decide how much space you have. Simply put, you may not have the room or the inclination to bring your entire jewelry collection with you. Which is why we offer a variety of personalized jewelry travel cases in different sizes and colors to fit whatever space you have available and quietly compliment your luggage.

For Small Pieces of Jewelry - Give your dainty jewelry and smallest pieces the right sized jewelry display case. Mini travel jewelry cases are ideal for minimal jewelry wearer. A few thin necklaces and stud earrings can work with any outfit for a light touch of shine and only require a small box. Have for ring every finger when you use our Small Jewelry Ring Box, a winning combo of our Jewelry Ring Insert with our Small Jewelry Organizer.

For Many Pieces of Jewelry - For those ladies who need to carry all the options, try our Large Jewelry Organizer with handy snaps to use as a travel necklace holder. Our largest jewelry storage case can also hold seven pairs of earrings with two zippered pockets for extra bracelets and necklaces making it a great choice for the ultimate travel necklace case. If a mid-sized option is more your speed, our Medium Jewelry Organizer is the perfect intermediate jewelry box organizer to bring the perfect amount of pieces on your next trip.

Slim Jewelry Travel Cases - Any of our minimalist jewelry boxes are excellent compact and travel-friendly answers to your bringing your accessories. However as a space saver, our Buckled Jewelry Roll for travel is slender roll up that can fit into the tight spaces left in your suitcase or you can pack light with one of our small jewelry bags. When you're heading to your next adventure, pack your favorite shining accessories with ease by using our travel jewelry cases.