Trifold Wallets

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  1. Trifold with Card Wallet
    Trifold with Card Wallet
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    Black Onyx
  2. Trifold Wallet
    Trifold Wallet
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    Black Oil
  3. Bifold Wallet with Flap
    Bifold Wallet with Flap
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The Trifold Wallet: Huge Carrying Power, Slim Design

Always keep everything close at hand with the men's trifold leather wallet collection that is made to last a lifetime. Our leather trifold wallets offer structured organization while maintaining a lean profile. Add a subtle touch of class with a personalized trifold wallet for him with enough card slots and bill compartments to carry it all.

Which Pocket Should You Carry Your Wallet In?
With all the cards and cash you might want to carry these days, your wallet can get a little hefty. It also get annoying when you try to sit down and you find yourself leaning to one side, propped up by the small brick doubling as a wallet in your back pocket. To reduce the bulk you can do three things: change how much you carry, change where you put your wallet, or change your wallet.

Wallets for the Back Pocket
Your back pocket could use a little less bulk when you decide to sit so we recommend card cases or bifold wallets. These wallets are thinner and have minimal card slots making you inherently carry less. However as with any back pocket carrying, you want to be aware of how often you carry things there. You can bend cards over time, rendering them useless, from frequently sitting on them in your back pocket.

Wallets for Your Front Pocket
You could carry any wallet or card but the best wallet to carry in your front pocket is a trifold wallet. While our leather trifold wallets are some of the thinnest on the market, men's trifold wallets can get thick when you fill them with all the cards and cash your heart desires. The best trifold wallet should have plenty of pockets and card slots for everything you want (and everything you might want to carry) while maintaining a slim profile.

Wallets for Your Travels
Travel wallets are ideal for business trips or vacations. The long profile allows you to keep you important travel documents like plane tickets unwrinkled with the least amount of folds. Add an RFID trifold wallet to luggage while you travel abroad. The RFID lining will protect your cards from malicious scanning and identity theft during your getaway.