Trapunto Personalization

Made to order monogramming, right at your fingertips. With our Trapunto process, we will create something that is truly made from scratch, just for you.

What Is Trapunto
A modern take on an old-world quilting technique, our Trapunto monogramming lifts your initials up from the leather, then sews them down to secure your monogram in place. Each Trapunto item is one of a kind and made custom to order.
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Our Newest Monogramming Technique
We believe that unique people should have unique things, and nothing is more unique than a made to order monogram bag where your initials are sewn directly into the product.
What Made To Order Means
Our Trapunto items are custom made after you place your order. We begin production and assembly after your order is received, creating a truly one of a kind product.
Once you submit your order, our team will review your monogram to ensure letter spacing is ideal for the product selected and then approve monogram for the next step of production.
Your letters will be lifted up from the leather using our special quilting technique. From there, the monogram in glued and stitched down.
One of a Kind
Once your monogram is complete, our team constructs your bag into the final product. From there, it is packaged carefully in our signature boxes, and then shipped to your door.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Trapunto monogramming?
Trapunto is an old-world Italian quilting technique. We took this technique and now use it to quilt your initials into our product. This made to order process creates a unique raised effect out of the leather and is entirely one of a kind. Since we custom create each item, our Trapunto monogrammed products require an additional processing and production time.