Woman Carrying Large Zippered Downtown Tote Bag in Cognac and Man Wearing Parker Backpack in Charcoal

When you’re ready to hop on a flight or jump in the car to just get away from it all, most likely there are a few items you absolutely would turn around for.


We asked our Leatherology team, “What are the travel items you will never forget to bring on vacation?” From sturdy luggage to items to ensure a good night’s sleep, these essential items might make your next getaway even more relaxing and memorable.


Must-Haves: Better Sleep & More Space When You Travel

William is our Customer Acquisition Marketing Manager and values his shut-eye. He always includes a “sleep pack” in his roomy Kessler Large Duffle consisting of an “eye mask, ear plugs, and eye drops” because “a good sleep keeps you moving on vacation.”


Kristin is our Senior Marketing Manager, a light sleeper, and a devoted user of our Slim Zip Travel Wallet as her daily wallet but she also won’t go on vacation without it.


“Shocker I know! I love it because it can fit the whole family’s passports in there along with our tickets and any cards and cash I might need AND my phone. Everything feels really secure and I know I only have to grab one thing to get what I need or check that I have everything.”


To combat any uproar outside the bedroom, Kristin recommends a sound machine and ear plugs. For those of us who wake up at the slightest sound, these items help drown out the noise no matter where you might be so you can rest easy and undisturbed.


Laura, Executive Director and mother of three, is also in love with our Slim Zip Travel Wallet which will hold all five of her family’s passports in a secure and chic spot. She also recommends “a luggage tag in a bright color that’s easy to spot on the conveyer as another must-have. The Deluxe Luggage Tag in scarlet or turmeric with a bold hand painted monogram is perfect for me!”


When traveling Laura suggests dressing in layers, including a natural fiber scarf.


Lost Pattern makes beautiful scarves and shawls in silk. Not only does silk help me feel a bit more luxurious while schlepping through the airport with my three kids, but silk is a thermal regulator and naturally helps maintain body temperature.”


For the kids, Laura offers a bonus tip: “Tactile, non-electronic activities for kids are my other must-haves. We love Paint by Sticker and Water Wow books to keep them occupied.”


Another big fan of the travel wallet, our Senior Lead Product Manager Jana, never travels internationally without her Zip Around Travel Wallet and a sturdy backpack.

Must-Haves: The Perfect Vacation Tunes & Selfie Looks

Matt R., our Associate Manager of Retail and Experiences, is always on the go and appreciates a bit of peace and quiet.


“My Airpods don’t get used often, except for travel. I put together a playlist or two, turn on the noise cancellation feature, and let the sounds of crying babies and the recycled air on planes just fade away.”


Whether it is for work or leisure, Matt also loves a good travel bag and is particularly fond of his Sloan Backpack because “it’s light, compact, and keeps my hands free when needed. There’s a compartment or pocket for all my needs, especially that built-in laptop sleeve for my work laptop…I swap it out for my Sloan Backpack in Canvas if it’s a more warm, tropical destination.”


Corporate Sales Coordinator, Matt H., is a fellow Airpods lover and cannot enjoy his vacation without them. He also will not travel without his Double Zip Toiletry Bag. He says, “This important travel item keeps all my small and essential toiletries close to me while staying organized and in one spot.”


Our Social Media Associate, Allie is continually wowed by our always popular Meadow Double Zip Camera Bag with the Short Guitar Crossbody Strap. “I have to say, it’s SO convenient! I will be taking this bag on many vacay’s with me. It’s just so easy to wear and throw anything in it!”


Music lovers will also agree with her need to make her favorite tunes sound good everywhere she goes, “I love traveling with my portable bluetooth speaker. We used it the whole week at the beach!”


Aleena is our Associate Product Manager and loves to indulge her wanderlust. Our generously roomy Kress XL Tote is an ideal travel bag for her. “It fits so much! This is great for a road trip or a carry-on during flights for a weekend trip.”


No vacation is complete without a few selfies to post to social media to remember your trip. Since Aleena is a master at solo travel, she always brings her handheld tripod to get perfect shot.

Must-Haves: Convenient Carry-On Travel Bags

My, our Senior Associate Visual Brand Manager, loves the dual functionality of our Belmont Structured Tote. She uses it as an everyday work bag and as a carry-on travel tote bag when she is traveling with her family. Our Belmont Tote is spacious in design and made of beautiful, lightweight Italian leather. It is so easy to throw all of your necessary in-flight items—tablets, snacks, travel documents, etc.—in there for you and your kids.


“Another item that I highly recommend are packing cubes. I pack them for everyone in my family and we each have a different color. It keeps our clothes organized and easy for my husband to help prep clothes for the kids when we’re at our vacation spot.”


You may sincerely relate to our Senior Associate Category Manager, Lindsey, who proudly claims the status of last-minute packer.


“I use the Medium Train Case daily and keep on my countertop. I love that it’s always ready to go! It’s spacious enough to fit all of my cosmetics and brushes but compact enough to throw into my travel bag when I’m in a rush. I have a multi-step skincare routine when at home but when I’m traveling, I always find myself too tired at night to do it all. So among my makeup and brushes, I also couldn’t travel without makeup removing face wipes. They are quick and easy and allow me to remove all my makeup and cleanse my face before I go to bed.”


Alicia loves to use the Medium Pouch to “organize all my travel documents and passport. And it’s awesome to keep different SIM cards in the interior pockets.” She reminds all prescription glasses wearers, “Don’t forget to keep your eyeglasses safe with the Soft Eyeglass Case. Especially when you want to take a nap on the plane or train.”


Do you agree with our team? Or are there other travel items you would add to your packing list? From the humble travel toothbrush to the high-tech mobile hotspot, make the most of your getaway by including travel accessories and essentials that help you easily pack, transport well, and above all, relax.