1. Man Sitting at Desk of Leatherology Desk Accessories and Leather Portfolio from Modern Desk Collection

    How to Use Your Space to Setup a Home Office

    If you are totally honest with yourself, working from home is a big perk you want to keep but is also subject to the downfalls of distraction. Your kids, the maintenance man, your partner, or even the dog are all responsibilities that can subconsciously pull you away from work because of their close proximity. However, our team was able to create a hybrid schedule that balanced in-office meetings and activities with remote work that increased our productivity and allowed us to streamline our processes. We realized that in order to maximize production and efficiency, how you setup your room to work from home requires you to dedicate a space to working as well as take an in-depth look at your personal work style to learn which home office desk accessories are essential to get the job done.

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  2. Leather Tech Padfolio

    Which Padfolio is Right for Me?

    Who knew being organized could look so good? Keep professional essentials sorted while you take on the day with our personalized leather padfolios.

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