Danielle Sherman Hosts Leatherology in LA

Danielle Sherman, Leatherology brand enthusiast and founder of the fine jewelry line Sherman Field, hosted an exquisite dinner party in her Los Angeles home to celebrate Leatherology's latest fall collection last Thursday. Danielle's longtime friendship with the Liu family made her the ideal host for this social gathering of fashionable friends and brand fans.


Upon arrival, guests stepped into a world of personalized luxury. Each guest was treated with the opportunity to put their own personal stamp on Leatherology bags, whether it was from the Katy Collection, Kress Collection, Sloan Collection, or the brand-new Blake Belt Bag, truly making it their own. The evening's spotlight shone brightly on the Katy Collection, a modern twist on the classic saddle bag, perfect for the shopper who wants something effortlessly elegant.


As the night unfolded, guests found their place at dinner tables thanks to leather pouches debossed in Script personalization with their names. They enjoyed a meal together and continued to learn about the heart of Leatherology.


Danielle Sherman's intimate dinner proved to be the perfect backdrop to celebrate individuality in the world of fashion through Leatherology's latest collections. Shop our new styles here.


Notable guests in attendance included Marian Lee, Todd Selby, Joanna Port, Sunny Barach, Laurel Pantin, Heather Pantin, Chelsea Neman Nassib, Kate Morrison Nassib, Alessandra Codinha, Sarita Liu, Shalice Noel, Lauren Winnick, Casey Fremont, Hilary Fagadau, Teri Eaton, Kate Morrison Schermers, Alissa Zachary, Victoria Lampley, Erin Fitzpatrick, Jane Herman, Jessica Staples, Wendy Glickman, and Lois Reinis, along with other social swells.