Hand Painted Personalization

Elevate your everyday with these hand painted leather accessories. Bold and beautiful, these monograms make a statement.

Uniquely One of a Kind
Our hand painted monogram process is a bespoke experience. Everything is custom per order and is painted by hand just for you. We use an intensive process that allows us to take the time to create wearable art that is durable enough to be worn on the daily.
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Painted Personally for You
Your painted monogram letters are applied by hand, layer by layer until the letters have a substantial coat of paint. This hand painting process can take up to 8 layers and averages an hour per letter to create.
Small and Large Letters
We offer two font sizes to suit your style and the product. The Large letter size is ideal for bigger products like hand painted bags. For those wanting to personalize smaller accessories, the Small letter size can be used for products like our hand painted phone cases.
Every Color of the Rainbow
There are so many colors to choose from. You can go bold with a vibrant red or blue or go subtle with black and white for a classic look.
Frequently Asked Questions
What products can be hand painted?
We currently offer hand painted monograms on over 20 styles, however that number is always growing! We are always looking to expand our paint selection to be available in more designs.
Complete Customization
Personal hand painted accessories for events and special occasions. From conference swag to bachelorette party gifts, these make a statement. Explore Corporate Gifting