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Join us as we explore what it means to enjoy and enhance your simple everyday moments. Through these stories, learn about Leatherology’s personalized leather accessories, the people behind our brand and our commitments to to our customers and community.
  1. Flat Lay of Double Zip Toiletry Bag in Black Leather with Various Toiletries Surrounding It for Size Comparison

    Toiletry Bags: Your Secret Weapon to Organization

    Tired of a cluttered bathroom countertop? Or that frantic last-minute search to figure out where you left your deodorant? Consider adding a men’s toiletry bag to your routine. Men’s toiletry bags are simple bags in various sizes with zippers or some other kind of closure that hold and organize your grooming essentials at home or for travel. Furthermore, leather toiletry bags make excellent, thoughtful gifts for the guy who has “everything”, subtly elevating his style while being a useful accessory.

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  2. Woman Walking Up Stairs Carrying Large Zippered Downtown Tote in Scarlet Red Leather

    How to Pick a Handbag for Anyone

    Choosing the right gift for someone you care about can seem overwhelming when you look at all the options, but the perfect gift does exist. The best gift ideas are items or services that are useful or convenient, making the recipient’s life easier, sentimental with thoughtful meaning, and reflective of the user’s personality or values. Specifically, when it comes to finding the best gifts for the women in your life, consider investing in a personalized luxury handbag as a functional and meaningful gift that matches their lifestyle.

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  3. Executive Portfolio in Cognac Debossed with Idaho Forest Group Logo on Modern Desk Pad and Valet in Midnight Blue

    The Power of Personalization: Business Edition

    3 Ways Personalization Is Good for Your Brand

    You know personalization matters to an individual’s self-expression, self-confidence, and self-care. However, the ability to make a lasting impression through creating a personal attachment is also beneficial to your brand. Personalized accessories or branded corporate gifts allow you to establish your brand’s identity while creating brand awareness and boosting or reinforcing the morale and appreciation for employees and clients alike. The best corporate gifts are useful and high-quality items that set the tone and match how you want your audience to experience your brand.

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  4. Man Sitting at Desk of Leatherology Desk Accessories and Leather Portfolio from Modern Desk Collection

    How to Use Your Space to Setup a Home Office

    If you are totally honest with yourself, working from home is a big perk you want to keep but is also subject to the downfalls of distraction. Your kids, the maintenance man, your partner, or even the dog are all responsibilities that can subconsciously pull you away from work because of their close proximity. However, our team was able to create a hybrid schedule that balanced in-office meetings and activities with remote work that increased our productivity and allowed us to streamline our processes. We realized that in order to maximize production and efficiency, how you setup your room to work from home requires you to dedicate a space to working as well as take an in-depth look at your personal work style to learn which home office desk accessories are essential to get the job done.

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  5. Woman Carrying Large Zippered Downtown Tote Bag in Cognac and Man Wearing Parker Backpack in Charcoal

    Don’t Forget to Pack These Travel Items on Vacation

    When you’re ready to hop on a flight or jump in the car to just get away from it all, most likely there are a few items you absolutely would turn around for. We asked our Leatherology team, “What are the travel items you will never forget to bring on vacation?” From sturdy luggage to items to ensure a good night’s sleep, these essential items might make your next getaway even more relaxing and memorable.

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  6. Man Packing Cologne Bottle into Top Zip Toiletry Bag in Black Onyx as Perfect Thoughtful Father's Day Gift

    How Choose the Best Father's Day Gift

    Gifting can seem like a daunting task. Sometimes the ones closest to you can be the hardest to buy for. For those who struggle to find—much less wrap—the perfect gift, it can feel like no gift is ever enough to show your appreciation and love for the person. To ease your gift-buying anxieties, we suggest a few important questions to ask and steps to take to ease the process. With Father’s Day around corner, we want you to buy Dad something better than another pair of socks or a tie to add to his collection of unworn socks and ties from the past.

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  7. Personalized Medium Leather Pouches on Striped Background

    The Power of Personalization

    3 Ways Personalization Is Good for You

    Personalization matters. If someone says your name, even if they are not speaking to you, your ears perk up and you listen. That is power of personalization. The ability to make a lasting impression through creating a personal attachment. When you personalize your accessories, you gain confidence, connection, and control over your look. Personalized leather goods offer a high-quality choice tailored to your taste.

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  8. Two young professional women carrying the Kress Mini Top Handle Bag (on left) and Kress XL Tote (on right)

    Our Top 5 Favorite Mother's Day Gifts

    Moms are amazing. Whether it’s your biological mom or the mother of your heart, each of these maternal role models deserves something special to celebrate all they do for us. We are proud to offer some of the most thoughtful, stylish, and useful gifts for mom this Mother’s Day. Your one-in-a-million mom needs a one-of-a-kind gift, and we have the perfect personalized Mother’s Day gift ideas with her name on them (literally).

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  9. Rae Liu, Co-Founder & Creative Director of Leatherology with her children

    A Word of Advice on International Women's Day

    At Leatherology, we’ve worked hard to build an inclusive workplace where women can thrive. Our team is now made up of an amazing, diverse, and female-led team of creators, analysts, artisans, innovators, and entrepreneurs who celebrate each other's achievements. At the heart of that team as well as a mom, co-founder and creative director of Leatherology, we asked Rae Liu for a few pieces of advice and encouragement to empower women considering business ownership.


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  10. Interior of Leatherology Storefront at NorthPark Center

    Shop Our New Store at NorthPark

    Just in time for holiday season and now open for business, shop in-person for your favorite Leatherology styles at our new pop-up store in Dallas at NorthPark Center on the 1st floor near Macy’s. Visit us for on-site personalization, monogram demos, in-store special events, and new style launches!

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