Black & White Collage of Group of Leatherology Team Members

Empowering Women on International Women’s Day 2023

On this International Women’s Day, we would like to take a moment to reflect and celebrate all the brilliant women that support the Leatherology brand.


We are proud to provide a unique space for this diverse group of women to explore their greatest potential. We seek inclusivity, going beyond creating equal opportunities to embracing true equity through activism in our own brand policies and philanthropic efforts.


Our brand is committed to elevated self-expression and empowering you to make your best impression through accessible, functional luxury pieces with personalization that you can wear every day for any style.


Every day, as individuals and as an organization, we're challenging the status quo in the hopes that our daughters will grow up in a more gender equal world and empower women from all walks of life. At the heart of that team, Rae Liu speaks on her need to create an uplifting work environment for women:


“As a mom, co-founder and creative director of Leatherology, it's important to me that we’ve worked hard to build an inclusive workplace where women can thrive. I'm so fortunate to work with an amazing, diverse, and female-led team of creators, analysts, artisans, innovators, and entrepreneurs who celebrate each other's achievements not just today, but every day.”


As our team spans across the globe, from production in our wholly-owned facility in China to development at our US headquarters, we asked a few of them about how they defined empowerment and their role at Leatherology.

From left to right: Jo, Kristen R., My, and Kristin G.

Kristen R. - Sr. Associate Corporate Sales Manager

How do you define empowerment?
Empowerment to me is based on the ability to determine my own self-worth, life choices, and how I can use them to better the lives of the women around me. 


Describe your role at Leatherology.
I manage clients placing large volume orders from Bridesmaid gifts to Fortune 500 company’s employee gifts. I get to create gifting experiences and projects tailored to our client’s needs based on custom orders and/or logo personalization. I have worked with some incredible female-owned and led companies to add their branding to our product for a personal touch, which is always fun to see the final outcome. 

Jo - Sr. Monogramming Artisan & Production Associate

How do you define “empowerment”?
I define empowerment by retaining the passions that make up your interest, hobbies, and daily tasks. Having that consistency can make you progress and further your scope.


Describe your role at Leatherology.
My position here is an artisan and I have to say that same passion allows me to care more about what I do even though it may seem simple from an outside perspective. It allows my brain to work creatively and once I go home, I can further that creativity into a canvas.

Kristin G. - Merchandising Category Manager

How do you define empowerment?
Empowerment to me is being ok with the unknown. Being confident in yourself enough to know that no matter what life throws at you, you will figure it out!


Describe your role at Leatherology.
I work on the Merchandise Team as the Category Manager. I manage our inventory levels, plan the assortment, and work with Product Development to come up with fun new products!

My - Sr. Associate Visual Brand Manager

How do you define empowerment?

I believe empowerment comes down to one thing, that is choices. Your choices are your own and you are in charge of that. That’s what makes everyone’s empowerment so unique. We’ll all have different chapters life and will face endless choices, and when you choose to empower your uniqueness the sooner you will embrace life and be OK with yourself. 


Describe your role at Leatherology.

I’m currently the Senior Associate Visual Brand Manager. I wear many hats in this role – from managing and planning our product and lifestyle photography to translating our brand’s story through strong visual content.


Here at Leatherology, we will continue to foster an environment for women empowerment and support other women-owned businesses. We encourage to you to remember to take the time to celebrate women, whether through groups advocating for women’s equality or a personalized gift that highlights the individual style of the women in your life, every day. We invite you to help us bring a world to life where differences in style, gender, and self-expression are valued and honored.