Executive Portfolio in Cognac Debossed with Idaho Forest Group Logo on Modern Desk Pad and Valet in Midnight Blue

3 Ways Personalization Is Good for Your Brand

You know personalization matters to an individual’s self-expression, self-confidence, and self-care. However, the ability to make a lasting impression through creating a personal attachment is also beneficial to your brand.


Personalized accessories or branded corporate gifts allow you to establish your brand’s identity while creating brand awareness and boosting or reinforcing the morale and appreciation for employees and clients alike. The best corporate gifts are useful and high-quality items that set the tone and match how you want your audience to experience your brand.


Personalized Gifts for Brand Awareness

Whether there are many voices in the space or just a few dominating the arena, in any industry it can be difficult to call attention to your brand. It is important that when making sure you have a presence in the digital world, you don’t neglect to create connections while face-to-face.  Networking at industry conferences, trade shows, expos, workshops or introductory meetings with potential clients all boost your brand’s recognition. A potential client or connection might speak with a dozen people during an event, but you might be the only conversation they remember with detail because you leave them with your custom logo gift.


Good, branded gift ideas might be small travel accessories like our luggage tags or cord wraps. Practical in the way they keep your bags safe and identifiable or your charging cords tangle-free yet stylish and unique because they are made of our full grain leather with your logo stamped onto them. A small gift is made even more memorable and impactful by the materials it is made of. The fine workmanship of our styles and the high-quality leather we use alongside a 22-karat gold deboss logo shows attention to detail, how much you value the client, and thoughtfulness in the item’s use and functional features.

Personalized Gifts for Brand Identity

In addition to a branded personalized gift that makes potential clients and employees take notice, your choice of corporate gift says something about who you are as a business. For example, a personalized and branded gift for clients who spend above a certain threshold with your business or to seal the big deal. The gift can indirectly set the tone and expectations of a business relationship. When you elevate your gift beyond a nice pen and into the realm of luxury corporate gifts like our leather accessories, you communicate attention to detail, value, and thoughtfulness. In terms of brand identity, the right corporate gift says you are a capable, dependable, creative yet efficient brand that delivers the results you are both looking for.


Some example gift ideas for VIP clients include desk accessories like our Modern Desk Pad or Executive Zippered Portfolio to show how committed you are to helping your client get the job done. Other items like our Laptop Envelope Sleeve or Sloan Backpack with a built-in laptop sleeve are sleek and stylish versions with the same coveted features of typical sleeves and backpacks. These gifts demonstrate your ability to exhibit next-level thinking while on the go for work. Gift bags of jewelry or food, particularly if you know a client’s favorites or a good gourmet supplier, can also display a level of consideration that sets your brand apart from the rest.

Personalized Gifts for Client & Employee Appreciation

With special events around every corner, employee and client gifts are a nice way to show your appreciation for an employee’s hard work and a client’s business. Boosted morale, increased productivity, and positive work culture are some of the benefits of employee gifts. Birthdays, holidays, and work anniversary gifts are great opportunities to show your employees that you value and recognize their dedication to building and maintaining the brand.


Our favorite gifts for employee appreciation are small leather goods like our Open Dated Planner, Medium Snap Journal, or business card holders. If your company has embraced a hybrid schedule, houses multiple remote workers, or the entire office switched completely to working from home, our Modern Desk Collection offers many thoughtful, personalized gifts that are easily portable to wherever your employees call their offices. Welcome new team members with clever employee (or client) appreciation gifts such as tech accessories like our Tech Bag Organizers for all the odds and ends that come with their laptop. You could also choose classic styles for milestones events. A personalized version of our New York Times Wirecutter-approved and bestselling Thin Bifold Wallet or Slim Card Case is perfect for 5 or 10-year work anniversaries.


If you are not sure or are unfamiliar with the client or employee, a gift card can be the right answer. With a gift card, you can still offer them a personalized gift, but the choice is in the recipient’s hands. While you would not be gaining the same brand awareness and identity as you would with a custom logo gift, it still holds value and shows appreciation. In this instance, the gift card serves as a simple thank you for their business or work.

Debossing in progress on Thin Bifold Wallet in Camel with 22K gold foil

At Leatherology, we believe in creating thoughtful and functional, personalized luxury corporate gifts that make great first impressions and are built to last a lifetime. Our personalization options are two-fold, offering both personalized gifts with individual monograms as well as customized gifts with deboss logos for a branded experience. Our corporate gifting service is simple and straightforward with a dedicated and knowledgeable team to support you and guide you through the selection process of finding the right style and personalization to match your branding needs. With our branded personalized luxury gifts you will be able to create memorable experience that shows the elevation and evolution of your brand while displaying gratitude for your clients and employees.