Discover Your
Personalization Style

Experience the artistry of personalized products designed exclusively for you. Our personalization options combine traditional methods with contemporary style, resulting in distinct, visually captivating, and unparalleled leather products that are truly one-of-a-kind.

Tailored to Your Taste
At Leatherology, each piece embodies a collaborative creation, where you play a pivotal role in the design process. Our team creates elegant silhouettes in fine leather through simple shapes and striking colors, then you have the opportunity to add your own monogram to complete the look. Our goal is for our personalized leather accessories to highlight your personal style and allow you to express yourself through a piece as unique as you.

Personalization is at our core. This is why we keep our logo small and offer a variety of options beyond your initials. We thoughtfully include a variety of colors, sizes, straps, add-ons, and monogramming options in our monogram generator so you can finish creating the masterpiece we began.
Handcrafted Personalization
Choose a hand-stamped deboss monogram, hand-painted initials, or the custom made-to-order stitching of our quilted Trapunto lettering.
Our Personalization Options
Raised lettering, stitched into place, for a one-of-a-kind monogram that makes a statement.
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Stand out with hand-pressed initials choosing from a variety of foil colors and fonts.
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Hand Paint
Hand painted art applied in several layers of paint to create a piece of wearable art that’s durable enough to carry every day.
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Made to Last
Our leather personalization is boldly personal and uniquely yours. We manage every step of the process and ensure our leather products stand the test of time, regardless of the personalization type you choose.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is a monogram?
A monogram is the application of your initials onto a product. In our case, we offer debossed, painted, or trapunto monogramming on select styles. Monograms can come in a variety of letter orders (first, middle last; first last middle, etc.), and we apply them in the exact order that you use when you enter them into our monogram previewer.
Get Inspired with Monogrammed Gifts
Check out these unique monogram ideas to inspire personalized gifts for you, your bestie, or any special occasion.
Deboss Ideas
Our deboss monogram is a classic pick for any occasion. Great for personalized gifts for him, you can get deboss monogrammed men’s wallets or toiletry bags to subtly show character.
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Paint Ideas
Perfect for the couple, you can get hand painted personalized wedding gifts in any theme. From painted luggage tags to Mr and Mrs phone cases, these are sure to please.
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Trapunto Ideas
Our Trapunto monogramming is the ultimate gift to treat yourself. Get a Trapunto-quilted handbag or duffle with your initials on it and make this bold design yours.
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Build Your Brand
Our corporate account experience includes white glove service, volume discounts, easy online ordering, and logo customization options to ensure your brand’s identity makes its best first impression. Explore Corporate Gifting