Flat Lay of Double Zip Toiletry Bag in Black Leather with Various Toiletries Surrounding It for Size Comparison

Tired of a cluttered bathroom countertop? Or that frantic last-minute search to figure out where you left your deodorant?


Consider adding a men’s toiletry bag to your routine. Men’s toiletry bags are simple bags in various sizes with zippers or some other kind of closure that hold and organize your grooming essentials at home or for travel. Furthermore, leather toiletry bags make excellent, thoughtful gifts for the guy who has “everything”, subtly elevating his style while being a useful accessory.


Why Do I Need a Toiletry Bag?

Simply put, you need to be organized if you want to be efficient and effective during your day-to-day tasks. A toiletry bag will help you do just that and reduce daily stressors as well. While it is also known as a shaving kit, or even the traditional-sounding dopp kit for men’s leather styles, you can put more than just your standard shaving cream and razor inside. When you use a dopp kit, you can keep your products in one place and in the order you use them to quickly get ready and move on to the next task for the day. This lessens stressors like being late or looking and feeling unkept, unclean, or messy.  


A toiletry bag is especially convenient if you travel often for work or leisure. Keep your travel organizer packed with travel-sized toiletries, small packets of your preferred brands of over-the-counter medication, and that favorite travel toothbrush so you are always ready to go. You won’t have to worry about packing in a rush and potentially forgetting an item. If it is always prepared, you can easily pop your go-to travel kit into your luggage at any time and leave.


Aesthetics may seem unimportant compared to functionality, but you wouldn’t wear jeans and a t-shirt to a job interview in finance. Similarly, a countertop full of various products looks messy and can be distracting. A leather toiletry bag gathers all of your products into one, neat place and provides a simple yet elevated luxury look to your bathroom for a clean, mature feel.


There is a misconception that luxury toiletry bags made of fine materials are too nice and cost too much to use frequently and risk getting dirty. However, leather is a surprisingly resilient fabric that ages well, is hard to stain, and resists fading with exposure to sunlight. It is durable and easy to maintain, needing only occasional polishing for it to remain in ideal condition even with heavy use for years after purchasing. We go above and beyond with our leather toiletry bags, using water-resistant lining in the interiors for easy clean up and spill-free traveling so you can have a high quality and functional accessory both inside and out.

What Bag Size Do I Need for My Toiletries?

Depending on the size, you can fit your cologne, deodorant, soap or shower gel, any hair care products, and more inside your men’s travel kit or toiletry bag for your next trip. You can use more than one travel toiletry bag to separate different tasks. For example, maybe you do need a small leather shaving bag to hold only those grooming essentials and then have another bag for everything else. The key to choosing what size and type of toiletry bag you need to bring with you translates to deciding which products must be included and how much of each product do you need for the duration.


In addition to choosing the right toiletry bag size, men’s travel kits should include helpful features like multiple ways to store or organize items and account for travel mishaps like a spilled container. The best toiletry bags for men use easy-to-clean materials. All of Leatherology’s luxury toiletry bags include water-resistant fabric linings that make messes easy to wipe away.


Large Toiletry Bags for Long Trips

When you’re heading on a long business trip or vacation, have a meticulous grooming routine, or only want one bag to hold everything you could possibly need for a long trip, large toiletry bags can hold many products and in sizeable amounts. You might even be able to fit a full-size bottle or two or an electric razor into a large toiletry bag. Two of our most generous bags, the Hanging Toiletry Kit and the Multi Pocket Toiletry Bag offer plenty of space and uniquely convenient features for travel. The Hanging Toiletry Kit includes a hook on the inside flap of the main compartment, enabling it to be hung on a door or towel rack as a hanging toiletry bag and freeing up counter space. Our Multi Pocket Toiletry Bag is full of zippered compartments that allow you to organize small items like cuff links or medication on the sides and fill the large main compartment with larger body wash bottles and shaving creams.


Medium Toiletry Bags for Weeklong Vacations

A trip of five to seven days or a less involved daily grooming habits, would be best suited for a medium toiletry bag. With this size you will want to stick to mostly travel-sized products and be selective about which items make it into the bag. Our bestselling Double Zip Toiletry Bag is a simple solution with two long zippered compartments to organize items by purpose or type. For a more structured design, our Framed Toiletry Bag is meant to sit upright and has a zippered and framed, single compartment that opens wide for you to easily see inside.


Small Toiletry Bags for the Weekends

For the grooming minimalist or for those weekend trips of less than five days, we suggest the small and clean look of styles like our Top Zip Toiletry Bag or Small Double Zip Toiletry Bag. Good for keeping it simple, a small toiletry bag can contain only travel size items and is only needed for the minimum essentials. The Top Zip Toiletry Bag is handy when you have limited space because the bag features a slim design, allowing bottles and containers to stand upright while also being able to lay the bag on its side to fit inside a dresser drawer. The Small Double Zip Toiletry Bag has the same simple silhouette and double compartment design as our popular Double Zip Toiletry Bag but has a reduced luggage footprint. Small toiletry bags can also be used for purposes outside of grooming. Our Small Travel Organizer also doubles as a travel tech bag with elastic loops to keep cords tangle-free and small tech items securely in place.


While it can be difficult to find the right gift for guys, the best gifts for him combine personal style with thoughtful functionality, being purposeful and truly good-looking. Our personalized toiletry bags offer updated style and useful features like multiple sizes, water-resistant-lining, multiple pockets, and hooks for hanging. Whether you need a gift for your husband, your boyfriend, your brother, or you are simply shopping for yourself, know that a personalized leather toiletry bag is a meaningful and smart choice for your countertop or your travels.