RFID Blocking Collection in Leather

Travel-safe accessories just got an upgrade. Made with our signature full grain leather and a special metallic lining which protects from frequencies ranging 10MHz to 3000MHz, our RFID Blocking Collection shields your cards and travel documents from malicious scanning.

What is RFID?

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification, and it is commonly used in chips that are then inserted into credit cards and scannable IDs. This allows for quick scanning and identification.

There are three different frequencies for RFID: low, high, and ultra-high. Low frequency RFID chips are sometimes used for work IDs and have a shorter read distance (think a foot or less). However, our lining is made to cover high and ultra-high frequency chips (10MHz to 3000MHz), which are used for credit cards, government-issued IDs, and passports.

RFID Protection, Redefined

Rest easy – our designs will keep your information protected. (And look good while doing it.)


Perfect for when you want to add security to your everyday, our RFID blocking wallets come in a variety of styles and colors. Each of their pockets are lined with metallic fabric, ensuring that your cards stay protected.


Travel smart with our RFID blocking wallets. Effortless and practical, these wallets protect your cards without cramping your style. Pick from a variety of designs – we’ve got something that suits all tastes.


An easy pick for a growing travel collection, our RFID blocking passport covers will keep you covered while on the move. Trust that your information will be guarded as you go from airport, to hotel, and beyond.


For Your Every Day / RFID Blocking Trifold with Card Wallet

A travel friendly everyday wallet, this design is lined with read-proof fabric that blocks RFID scanning. Perfect for the man who wants to carry all his essentials, this wallet features a removeable card wallet for when you want to trim down for the day.

For Foreign Getaways / RFID Blocking Slim Zip Travel Wallet

Thin and easy to slip in a travel bag or backpack, this wallet is lined with a special metallic lining that blocks RFID scanning. This design is for the modern traveler who wants an upgrade from the traditional travel wallet.

For the Airport / RFID Blocking Deluxe Passport Cover

A high-tech take on a classic. This passport cover is lined with scan-proof fabric, so you can trust that your passport will be protected while you travel the world. Added bonus – card slots are sewn into the interior, so you can use this cover as a wallet while in transit.