Man Packing Cologne Bottle into Top Zip Toiletry Bag in Black Onyx as Perfect Thoughtful Father's Day Gift

Gifting can seem like a daunting task. Sometimes the ones closest to you can be the hardest to buy for. For those who struggle to find—much less wrap—the perfect gift, it can feel like no gift is ever enough to show your appreciation and love for the person.


To ease your gift-buying anxieties, we suggest a few important questions to ask and steps to take to ease the process. With Father’s Day around corner, we want you to buy Dad something better than another pair of socks or a tie to add to his collection of unworn socks and ties from the past.



Tip #1: Plan Your Gifts Ahead of Time

Holiday gifts and gifts for special occasions can be notoriously overwhelming. However, the good news is most of these events are set on the same date every year. Graduations, birthdays, or Christmas, you know when these occasions happen. Our best advice to great gift-giving is to make note of important dates and work backwards from there to create reminders. If you like planners and agendas, like our Open Dated Planner, you can write notes to yourself about the actual event date and write in a separate date to go gift shopping or to start looking. Since most of us would go nowhere without our phones, take advantage of your calendar app to set reminders for the event and to block out time to shop.


Tip #2: Do Your Research

Have you ever received a gift that you definitely did not like and would never use? Whether it’s smelly candles, a too-spicy hot sauce collection, or another highly sensitive singing and dancing animatronic salmon, at least once in their lifetime everyone gets a gift they wish they could return. That’s why you should know the recipient’s likes and dislikes. When Dad loves his gizmos and gadgets to the point of distraction and is also highly allergic to the great outdoors, the gift of a camping trip through Yellowstone National Park does not take into consideration his hobbies or his health. However, a 14 Inch Macbook Sleeve is the perfect snug laptop case to protect his device and ease his mind while he brings it everywhere he goes.  


This also goes back to planning ahead. If you ask questions a month or two in advance you will have plenty of inspiration. Gifting is a love language for some, and you might start “suggesting” items or making note of where they linger in shop windows even further in advance. If your memory is not so great, write down the ideas you have and keep it in an easily visible place. If they have a digital wish list, ask them to share it with you or take a pic to reference later. Keep in mind shipping dates and expected arrival times if you order online. Many brands, including ourselves, will send out reminder emails about approaching dates and your last chance to order to receive the gift in time. All you have to do is sign up for the emails.


Tip #3: Have a Budget & Keep It

We completely understand that you can’t send Dad skiing in the Swiss Alps every year. For a more low-key Father’s Day, you will want to pick a number and stick to it. It will save you some anxiety and help you narrow down your options because you can only choose items that fit the budget. While you can’t put a price on love, you can be responsible and very creative with the funds you do have. Ideas like a gift basket full of his favorite snacks can be very cost-effective. We have a whole selection of Father’s Day gifts under $50 like our Slim Card Case, a highly rated favorite of the New York Times Wirecutter.


Tip #4: Make It Useful

A useful gift is a gift of convenience, saving the recipient time, money, or stress. The best gifts can be used daily and make life more efficient or meaningful. This might mean a coffeemaker with pods for the coffee lover or an at-home espresso machine with local coffee beans for the selective coffee connoisseur. You have to ask the question, “How can this gift make their life better or easier?”


We pride ourselves on beautifully designed accessories, made up of classic lines and thoughtful features. For example, Dad’s pockets can get a little weighed down and bulky with cash, cards, keys, etc. We have a leather solution to this lifestyle inconvenience. We offer some of the slimmest leather wallets on the market, like our Bifold Wallet which has a thickness that is less than the height of a dime when folded while still providing over 10 spaces for cards and money. Dad could also use our Small Double Zip Toiletry Bag to quickly pack his favorite travel-sized toiletries and know he is guaranteed a spill proof trip with its water-resistant lining.


Tip #5: Make It One-of-a-Kind

Uniqueness is what we, as individuals, strive for, and a unique gift would hold the most meaning to its recipient. This is where you look for sentimental gifts such as a rare photo, a letter, or an autograph. It is also where you would choose a personalized gift over anything else. After all, nothing is more unique than the stories and moments that give meaning to a name. As we have wrote about before, personalization creates a moment of connection, identity, and self confidence for the owner.


Just imagine Dad walking into a meeting for the career opportunity of a lifetime and in his hand is our Deluxe Folio, hand stamped with his initials in 22K gold foil. It is an image that speaks of determination and self-assurance and impresses his audience without even saying a word. With our selection of personalization methods, fonts, and colors, we ensure the user has the perfect monogrammed gift to express themselves.


Honorary Tip #6: When in Doubt, Choose a Gift Card

The infamous gift card is something a lot of habitual gift givers might cringe or sneer at. Yet when faced with presenting something thoughtful to a person with unknown preferences and often last minute, a gift card is the best choice. We are not saying grab the closest gift card and load it with cash. We are suggesting that rather than a specific gift, give them the perfect gift, chosen by themselves. A gift card works especially well when it is presented as a sharing of favorites. Such as giving a new homeowner a gift card to your favorite home improvement or home décor store or treating a new mother with a gift card to a beloved spa. With personalized gifts comes a wealth of options, so we propose you choose a gift card, often available like our digital gift card for online redemption, so they can decide what gift best represents their tastes.


When searching for gift ideas, always keep the recipient in mind. Don’t forget to check for online gift guides, whether it’s a collection from various brands or curated selection of just one. Our Father’s Day Gift Guide will offer you insight into our most popular men’s styles as well as accessibly-priced, long lasting and elegant gifts for Dad.