Lost Pattern x Leatherology Handbag Scarves

Designed in partnership with Lost Pattern, these versatile silk scarves are woven from 100% mulberry silk twill, printed with bold and colorful patterns curated specifically to enhance our personalized pieces and your personal style.

Natural Refinement: About Lost Pattern Silk Handbag Scarves
We chose Lost Pattern, a New York City-based designer accessory brand, to complement our handbag styles and match our commitment to traditional craftmanship and personalization with high quality natural materials that turn modern luxury into an everyday lifestyle. There is a high level of thoughtfulness put into features like the hand rolled edges of their scarves, a time-honored bespoken technique similar to our deboss or hand painting methods. These finely crafted silk handbag scarves are great examples of sustainably-sourced, conscious fashion with self-expression at the forefront that we also strive for in our leather accessories, proving that great minds think alike.
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Silk Twilly Skinny Scarf
The double-sided Twilly Silk Scarf is an especially versatile accessory, adding the perfect color accent to your wardrobe and accessories like our Kress Medium Tote. Use the instructions below to help you tie your new patterned scarf to your bag handle in a unique way for a true work of art.
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Ways to Style Your Twilly Skinny Scarf
How to Tie a Twilly Scarf to Your Handbag
1. Choose which pattern you want to show and lay the Twilly flat with your preferred pattern facing outward.
2. Start the wrap by creating a knot around the base of one end of your handbag handle, pattern on top, leaving a 2 to 3-inch tail.
3. Wrap the Twilly around the handle, overlapping your previous wrap in a firm, circular motion and moving around, up, and over the handle, until 5 to 6 inches of the scarf are left.
4. Finish your wrap with another knot around the base of the other end of your handle and pull tight to leave another 2 to 3-inch tail on the side. Carry with confidence.
Silk Square Bandana Scarf
Keep it classy with our traditional Square Silk Scarf. Style this bandana-sized scarf with hand-rolled edges in a variety of ways to accent every outfit and handbag like our Kress XL Tote for an elevated accent of color and pattern.
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Ways to Style Your Square Bandana Scarf
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