Stories by Leatherology

Join us as we explore what it means to enjoy and enhance your simple everyday moments. Through these stories, learn about Leatherology’s personalized leather accessories, the people behind our brand and our commitments to to our customers and community.
  1. Hand Reaching Into Brass Deboss Monogram Tray of Letters with Miscellaneous Tools and Foil On the Side

    Monogram Etiquette 101: The Basics

    Monogramming is a time-honored tradition that has been around for centuries. From clothing to leather handbags to home decor, adding a personal touch with monogramming can take any item to the next level.

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  2. Round Drawstring Pouch and Flat Drawstring Pouch in Cognac with Wireless Earbuds and Gold Accessories on Table

    How Do I Organize My Bag?

    If aching shoulders, broken straps, and never being able to find your keys are common occurrences with your handbag or work bag, it may be too heavy or too cluttered to use. Among the many ways to debulk and organize your handbag, the use of pouches is one of the simplest solutions.

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  3. Modern Open Dated Planner in Camel on Tabletop with Plant

    How to Use a Planner to Effectively Organize Your Life

    Along with losing weight, eating right, or practicing mindfulness, your New Year’s resolution might include a commitment to being more organized. The question is, where do you start?

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  4. Hands Typing on a Laptop Sitting on Modern Desk Pad in Dove, Surrounded by Modern Desk Collection in Dove

    7 Ways to Avoid Work Week Fatigue

    Between commuting to or from work and actual working time, the typical US employee will spend an average 90,000 hours or one-third of their life on the job.

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  5. Woman and Man Enjoying a Cocktail with a Meadow Camera Bag with Trapunto Personalization in the Forefront

    The Best List of Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Any Occasion

    Generally, you can’t go wrong in bringing a gift to a celebratory event for the honoree as well as the host or hostess.

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  6. Woman Holding Signature Bronze Leatherology Gift Box with Red Bow

    7 Helpful Tips for Gift-Giving

    We’ve all given a gift to commemorate specific occasions. But how do we know it’s the right one to give? What makes it meaningful?

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  7. Flat Lay of Double Zip Toiletry Bag in Black Leather with Various Toiletries Surrounding It for Size Comparison

    Toiletry Bags: Your Secret Weapon to Organization

    Tired of a cluttered bathroom countertop? Or that frantic last-minute search to figure out where you left your deodorant?

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  8. Woman Walking Up Stairs Carrying Large Zippered Downtown Tote in Scarlet Red Leather

    How to Pick a Handbag for Anyone

    Choosing the right gift for someone you care about can seem overwhelming when you look at all the options, but the perfect gift does exist.

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  9. Executive Portfolio in Cognac Debossed with Idaho Forest Group Logo on Modern Desk Pad and Valet in Midnight Blue

    The Power of Personalization: Business Edition

    3 Ways Personalization Is Good for Your Brand

    You know personalization matters to an individual’s self-expression, self-confidence, and self-care. However, the ability to make a lasting impression through creating a personal attachment is also beneficial to your brand.

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  10. Man Sitting at Desk of Leatherology Desk Accessories and Leather Portfolio from Modern Desk Collection

    How to Use Your Space to Setup a Home Office

    If you are totally honest with yourself, working from home is a big perk you want to keep but is also subject to the downfalls of distraction.

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