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Leather Care Kit



This Leather or Style is not Monogrammable


  • 4oz bottle Apple Leather Cleaner
  • 4oz bottle Apple Leather Care Conditioner
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Leather care guide
  • Handy zippered case

About this style

When you invest in a quality leather product, you expect it to look good for years to come and our Leather Care Kit will make sure that happens. It comes with a bottle of leather cleaner to aggressively remove dirt and grime and a bottle of conditioner to help preserve it by reintroducing natural emollients that can be lost due to use, time, or cleaning.The Leather Care Kit also comes with a cloth for cleaning, a leather care guide so you know exactly how to clean and condition your leather, and a handy zippered case for keeping it all stored together. It's packed with everything you need to care for your leather so it never fails to impress!

Gift packaging

Due to the size of this item, it is not available for traditional gift packaging. However, it will arrive in a pouch or drawstring bag packaged in a logo kraft box.

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Linda Tormey


Leather Care and Cleaner  

This is a nice little kit to keep your leather products supple and protected. You need to use this right from the beginning purchase of them.


Rebecca, Anaheim, CA  

I bought a handmade leather purse and got a few stains on it. I used the Apple Leather Cleaner and it safely removed most of the stains. The one stain was pretty bad and old (already had put a bunch of leather conditioner before on it) so I wasn't surprised when that spot didn't come out. But it made it so much lighter that i didn't care! I'm sure with more applications it would have came out , but after about three, I thought I should stop. Followed it with the conditioner! I WAS GREAT. This is the first one that doesn't leave a sticky residue that requires buffing. I actually didnt' even buff it because it looks so wonderful. Love that it comes with a cloth to use. I wanted the cleaner so I bought this one, but I'll be back to buy the conditioner only. Thanks!


Karen, sandy springs, GA  

Excellent product. It will be on my gift giving list.

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