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Natural. Versatile. Rugged. Traditional. These are just a few of the words commonly used to describe leather, one of the oldest human crafts. The process of tanning and stabilizing a natural hide may have originally been developed by humans out of necessity, but nowadays leather is synonymous with both luxury and durability. It is no coincidence that even in modern times, with so many materials available, leather is still considered one of the finest materials. Not only is leather durable and long-lasting, but it represents a kind of craftsmanship, skill and artistry that can only be achieved by hand. 

Consumers often confuse “imitation leather” with the real thing, which we like to think of as full-grain leather. The surface of full-grain leather has not been removed or heavily sanded possessing the natural qualities of an authentic leather hide.  At Leatherology, you will never find split grain, corrected, bonded, or imitation leathers.  Explore our core collection of full-grain leathers below, most developed by & offered exclusively through Leatherology.   


Our main collection of full grain, cowhide leathers in classic colors

Casual yet distinctive, our Timeless collection is a soft nappa-type leather made from durable cowhide. This full-grain leather boasts a polished finish, fine grain and a soft hand feel, making it a great choice for any leather connoisseur. As the name implies, our Timeless collection will hold up through years of use while aging gracefully every step of the way..

Our Classico leather collection is a semi-aniline, drum dyed pebbled leather. It offers a little extra color and character, making it a good choice when you want your accessories to stand out. This full grain leather has a soft hand feel with intricate lines, giving it a distinct look from our smoother leathers like Vero and Zita. It comes in a wide variety of colors that you won't find in our other collections and has a polished finish to make them really shine. Its unique appearance and range of colors make it ideal for matching with purses, belts, or other leather items you own.


Our specialty full-grain Italian cowhide leathers

With its vegetable-tanned, aniline, milled shoulders, the Terra Italian leather collection makes quite a statement for those that take pleasure in the look and feel of a distinct, textured finish with true character. This naturally finished Italian leather undergoes the least amount of processing of all our collections, leaving each piece with its rugged character intact so you get all the original lines and patterns. Those who admire rustic beauty and a broken-in feel will find years of enjoyment with this collection.

Zita is our most elegant and enduring leather collection. This Italian Leather is fully vegetable-tanned & aniline dyed, allowing the hide's natural character to shine through. The deep, varied coloring and the hand-glazed finish gives it a rich look that'll develop into a beautiful patina providing years of enjoyment. Combining a firm hand feel with a smooth grain, Zita is one of our top quality leathers.

Our Vero collection is an aniline dyed, buttery soft Nappa leather. This classic Italian leather has a very fine grain & silky smooth hand feel.