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About Our Leather


Leather is a very natural product that demonstrates unique properties and versatility. You will find that each hide has individual characteristics reflective of its life’s experience making it exceptional to all others and giving it its own individual personality. That is why it is important to remember that natural shadings, grains, tiny scars and wrinkles all play a unique part in the appreciation of owning genuine leather. We take great care in our assortment offerings so that they represent a range of finishes, textures and hand feel we think you will take pleasure in as you shop for the perfect item you have in mind. Whether your taste is traditional, casual or colorfully fashion forward we hope to provide a multiplicity of choice for you to enjoy for many years. We invite you to peruse our latest leather selections.

Our Vero collection is drum dyed, aniline, buttery soft Nappa leather. This classic Italian leather makes it a great choice for pairing with other leather items, as its natural look can blend with almost anything. Vero is our most popular collection and works well as a stylish luxury accessory for yourself or a gift for a friend.

Casual yet distinctive, our Timeless collection is one of our favorites. This leather boasts a polished finish and a soft hand feel, making it a great choice for any leather connoisseur. And with the variety of colors it comes in, it's easy to find a shade that appeals to you or matches with your other accessories. As the name implies, our Timeless collection will hold up through years of use while aging gracefully every step of the way.

Please note: textures in this collection range from light grain to a lightly pebbled grain depending on which part of the hide it's from

With its vegetable-tanned, aniline, milled shoulders, the Terra Italian leather collection makes quite a statement for those that take pleasure in the look and feel of a distinct, textured finish with true character. This naturally finished Italian leather undergoes the least amount of processing of all our collections, leaving each piece with its rugged character intact so you get all the original lines and patterns. Those who admire rustic beauty and a broken-in feel will find years of enjoyment with this collection

Our Boca collection is handcrafted from the finest Croco-embossed Italian leather. This beautiful hand glazed leather is an amazing replica that looks quite impressive and quite exotic. Boca has a semi shiny finish.

Our Rocco Collection is very straightforward. It is a true Italian naked leather meaning there has been no altering of its natural state. Most finishing processes are used to hide natural flaws but since this leather is tanned and colored but not finished as you would think of you end up seeing more of the cow’s natural life markings and blemishes. A beautiful characteristic of naked leather is the incredibly soft to the touch feel. Naked leather is a great choice for those enthusiasts of very natural looking leathers that show true character and develop a beautiful patina over time.

Wonderfully rich smooth grained leather, Berkley offers a soft firm hand and pleasurable feel. A true basic beauty we use to compliment with many other leathers.

Echelon Luxe has a soft hand with a smooth finish. This attractive nappa leather will develop a nice patina over time to enhance its enjoyment. We often pair Luxe up as a nice companion with other leathers.

In a beautifully embossed lizard print, Echelon Lagarto is quite the reptile replica. A superbly stamped exotic print leather with a semi shiny finish that is rather impressive.

The Montana leather collection exudes charm thanks to its rugged, natural look. This vegetable-tanned Italian leather is pre-shrunk and filled with heavily textured creases and lines, giving it a very unique look and feel that stands out from the rest of our collections. With a rich color and beautiful patina that'll only get better as the years go by, items from the Montana collection make a great choice when you're looking for something a bit more old fashioned.

Our Saffiano Italian leather collection offers a small crossboard embossed print, creating a texture that tickles the fingers. Boasting a very firm hand feel, this top grain Italian leather is aniline dyed with a hand-glazed finish which really lets the colors shine. It's a nice change of pace from the standard smooth and pebbled textures you find in most leathers and it's our most fashionable leather collection.

Zita is our most elegant and enduring leather collection. This Italian Leather is fully vegetable-tanned & aniline dyed, allowing the hide's natural character to shine through. The deep, varied coloring and the hand-glazed finish gives it a rich look that'll develop into a beautiful patina providing years of enjoyment. Combining a firm hand feel with a smooth grain, Zita is one of our top quality leathers.